In the same week when Richard Thaler was awarded the noble prize, a running group in Mumbai in a small way was trying to apply the theories propounded by the learned man. Thaler, in his book “Nudge”, has discussed about the reflective and automatic side of thinking and how one can innovate to tackle either of these ways to obtain the desired results.

We at Mumbai runners and our crew ‘Bombay Running’ have subconsciously been involved in nudging people to unleash their strengths and push their boundaries. While professional runners aim at covering the longest distance possible in the shortest amount of time, for beginners, it’s more about achieving milestones and pushing their bodies. Setting your own rules, having a strategic game plan and goals is what makes running most fun. What started as a page for running enthusiasts has now expanded into a #crew of participants across the city with a common ‘Desire to run!’.

While there are a lot of running groups that one can find, it is difficult to find one that makes running a joyful exercise, a group that fuels passion in you for running and a group that celebrates every victory!!. Bombay Running has been subconsciously nudging the runners’ mind to see what’s beyond their imagination.

So when a recent challenge was put up by Bombay Running, I jumped at the opportunity. This Challenge was called “10*10” whereby participants were required to run 10 kms for 10 consecutive days. Of course, the crew specifically kept mentioning that everyone can run at their own pace regardless of their age or experience. However, I did have my doubts, I mean “What if I faint on the 4th or 5th day?” “What if my body gives up and I end up embarrassing myself?” After all, this challenge was going to require every bit of my blood and sweat. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s get some statistics out here. It meant getting up every day at 4am in the morning for 10 days. It meant going to bed at 10 in the night to get a good night’s sleep every day, no socializing or partying for 10 consecutive days, covering a distance of 100kms within a span of 10 days and it also meant running for more than 10 hours! Yes it wasn’t easy. But as the saying goes, “Good things don’t come easy”.

While close to 110 runners could achieve this feat, it was the spell bounding experience that each one of them had, had made this whole exercise a lot more exciting. It was the ‘nudging’ of each other to close the distance everyday and get a stamp and a tick against your name that helped tickle your mind too. It was the nudge to meet friends and enjoy the early morning breeze in different parts of the city, to track you runs every day, to be one of the few who had what it takes to complete the 10*10 challenge that that kept us going.

This innovative “nudge” taught us discipline, patience, consistency, belief and trust in thyself. Never in my life had I hit the sack as early as 9 pm for 10 days in a row and that certainly got my folks worried :P.I could never imagine being a morning person, let alone getting up at 4 am for a run or even hitting the gym for which I shelled out my hard earned money for.  Accomplishing such a seemingly impossible feat was only possible because of all the support the crew gave me. As all of the 10×10 runners enjoy and celebrate our achievement, I invite you to #JoinTheCrew and get yourself nudged!!