Mumbai is a maze, an intentional chaos, where the path to achieving one’s dreams changes daily.

Running is a way of life for most here. Whether it’s chasing the local trains or boarding sophisticated airplanes. Just like sports, living a life in Mumbai City is also about chasing time. Never-ending, hectic schedules force people to discover new ways to release stress. While the majority think that the movement associated with routine work life is enough physical activity, there is a small set of Mumbaikars who have taken up running as a dedicated physical activity. While many simply see the benefits of running as physical, there is also an exceptional opportunity for exploring the different parts of the city, and for poetic musings in the calm morning time.

Running in Mumbai provides a positive emotional connection to the city. The always buzzing and booming physical spaces that make Mumbai what it is, suddenly start feeling still, stagnant, meaningful and artistic. The late nights dissolves into morning, and with this transition, the fast cars, boom boxes artificial shine goes too. The only thing left to chase inthe early morning, is yourself. That’s why we run in the morning. Chasing is not rushing, but is simply pushing one forward in an incremental fashion. Inspiration & motivation are your inundated best friends fueled by the fellow runners on the way.  This feeling of obeying the voices within your head, seeing places that never exist, running with the moon and finding your character is far superior than most feelings one can experience in the later time zones of Mumbai life.

In the morning, when you open your eyes; there is a Mumbaikar who has already collected footsteps before dawn, left the world and already come back changed. Here is where you begin to rediscover the Mumbaikar within you.

This article was originally published in Undo Magazine Issue 5: Five Senses. You can grab a copy at UndoOrdinary : A global outreach to live better, train harder, and push the accelerator of physical performance. Follow @undoordinary_ on Instagram for more info.