About One Run - Good emi run

After hosting a string of successful run events, Mumbai Runners wanted to bring something huge to the running community. That is when the idea of One Run came up.

Below is what One Run is all about: 

X Start from Pune University and  End at NCPA, Mumbai. Total distance 180 Kms

X Schedule: 30 June 10:00 am to 1 July 8 am (approximate)

X 6 Runners with each runner covering 10 kms at a stretch. Each runner will pass the baton (GPS Watch) to another runner .

X All Runners are part of the Bombay Running ( @bombayrunning ) crew

Each 10 kms is targeted to be completed within 70 minutes max however we may alter our pace depending upon weather and other conditions

X One Run will be supported with hydration, healthy snacks and diets around the clock for runners & support crew 

X One Run content  including current status, location, runners’ stories, photos, videos, etc. will be posted real-time on Mumbai Runners & Bombay Running social handles & pages

X One Run is supported by Franklin Templeton Investments (India)

X Mumbai Runners team are attempting to live-stream One Run on Mumbai Runners Facebook Page & YouTube Channel powered by Live U. The details shall be shared soon.

X Stay Tuned As We Create History Here

One Run - Good emi run Crew

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